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Manufacturer representatives

Manufacturer representatives

Manufacturer representatives Manufacturer representatives

About Us

Bill Minahan is a veteran in the water well industry.  Bill had his own wholesale supply comp​any with a partner up until 1999.  He then acted as the general manager and sales manager for a large distributor in the industry.  His history in the business, knowledge of the products and skill in helping both dealers and wholesalers grow their businesses, makes him a true asset to any manufacturer.  He can be counted on to provide current market research as well as continually increasing sales.  

Bill loves to golf, boating and also support the WA Huskies.  

Sherri jumped right in to join West 11 in 2011.  She continues to learn the product lines and support both the customer’s and manufacturer’s efforts by providing timely service.  She also provides office support to allow Bill and Darren more time traveling direct to customers’ facilities and events.  Sherri left her career in finance to join Bill after earning her Security Series 6 and 63 licenses.  Her sales and marketing experience includes K2 Sports Inc. and also was a business development manager and covered outside sales in WA, OR and ID for a Fortune 500 company.  

Darren Landry joined West 11 in 2015. Darren and his wife Jen are graduates of WSU.  Darren has experience in warehousing and distribution.  

Bill and Sherri live in Tacoma WA with their dogs Guinness and Finn.  They have 3 grown “Pac 12” children.


Bill, Darren, and Sherri were Recipients of the Boshart Industries awards for Million Dollar Club for every year 2014 through 2018

ServiceWire Co. presented West 11 Marketing the 2018 Founders Award, for Recognition of Excellence.